Eesti 200 Programme

Eesti 200 is a forward-looking, Estonian-minded, and liberal party.


New Generation

Eesti 200 is a progressive party oriented towards the future. Creating a society where no generation lives at the expense of others. Estonia must be the best environment in the world for the new generation to have opportunities for education, employment, and self-realisation.

Personalised State

The Estonian state structures must leap into the 21st century, in line with the latest technological possibilities. Public services must be personalised, as bureaucracy-free as possible, and consider the individual needs of every person. The personalised state is citizen-centred, not weighted towards the comfort of its officials. People must have one customer service channel, both digital and physical, to handle their business with state and local governments without unnecessary bureaucracy. This requires a grassroots public service and governance reform.

New Economy

The prosperity of Estonian people can be achieved through innovative economy, with the state taking an interest in the well-being of its citizens. We shall transfer to a new economic model that considers alternative goals besides the growth of GDP. Success will also be measured by the welfare of citizens, and the preservation of the environment for present and future generations. We see green industry, a well-educated workforce, and taking our digital achievements to a whole new level, as prerequisites for the success of the Estonian economy.


Estonia as a Beacon

Estonia is special. We are a small country with a huge soul. Estonia must boldly belong to the beacons of the world. Through our memberships of international organisations and alliances, we actively participate in building a world order where freedoms of individuals and countries are protected. Our membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the European Union (EU) guarantees Estonia’s continuity.

Language and Culture

Eesti 200 is an Estonian-minded party. Our mission is to maintain and develop Estonia in a way that ensures the survival of the Estonian language and culture. We value the Estonian language and culture. Estonian culture is open and in synergy with other cultures of the world. The main prerequisite to developing the Estonian language and culture is to give preferential treatment to building the best educational system in the world, as well as innovation in science. All children permanently residing in Estonia will get quality education and the command of the Estonian language to a strong level. National minorities will have opportunities to develop their own language and culture.

Living Environment

Our pristine nature, fertile soil, fish-rich bodies of water, and species-rich forests are treasures of Estonia. The preservation of those riches should be the starting point for any public or private sector decisions and activities. The pillars of successful management are efficient and smart use of resources, adopting circular economy, and moving towards CO2 neutrality. The living environment in Estonia should correlate with a good quality of life, be people-centred, and comprise of architecture and features inherent to Estonia, both in the countryside and in big cities. We like scattered villages, small towns, and cities where we can and walk and cycle.



We will build a strong state of the future where the rights, freedoms, and self-realisation of each person are based on democratic governance, personal freedoms, and rule of law. Parliamentary and inclusive representative democracy is the best form of governance for Estonia. Political power must be close to people and communities to prevent alienation. The future state communicates with its citizens directly and involves them in the decision-making process. Our political decisions are based on scientific knowledge.


We want Estonia to be a place where people want to live and talent wants to move to – cool for the young, successful for the middle-aged, and dignified for seniors. We stand for an open Estonia that takes advantage of the opportunities the world presents, but always stands on its own.

Personal Freedom

Human rights are the pillar of Estonian society. We stand for Estonia as a state where the basic rights and freedoms of all people are protected regardless of gender, language, religion, beliefs, origin, race, or sexual orientation. We strongly support the notion that racism and xenophobia should have no place in Estonia. We treat the freedom of media as a power in the same standing as legislative, executive, and judicial powers. Speech is free in Estonia and access to the internet is a human right.

Equal Opportunities

To be treated equally is a basic human right. We stand for women to have equal opportunities with men; for same-sex couples to be able to marry; for the young to receive the best education in the world, regardless of where in Estonia they live; for age discrimination to disappear; for the minorities, disabled, old and young to have equal employment opportunities.